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Building Campaign 2016
Masbia soup kitchen network is where the rubber meets the road in the fight against hunger. We feed hot, nutritious meals to hungry men, women and children. No statistics. No bureaucracy. No middleman. We deposit food in empty stomachs.

Investors Bank Emergency Matching Grant

Investors Bank wants to feed the needy together with you. In response to Masbia's distress call "Food Pantry in Dire Need" on NY1 about experiencing empty shelves when there is a great need for food, investors Bank is responding to the call, by offering to match dollar to dollar, every dollar raised. If you donate to feed one person, will mean two people eat, if you donate to feed one family, means two families will eat. So please do the best you can, and donate as much as you can.
Your money will have double the impact. Your charity dollars will now buy double the rice, double the beans, double the chicken, double the peanut butter, double the tuna, double the salmon, double the carrots, double the potatoes, etc.

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In the spirit of the High Holidays, help those less fortunate

This season of Jewish Holy Days, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur and ending with Sukkot, Masbia will bring food to the hungry during a particularly difficult time for many men, women and children. Help those less fortunate, by scrolling to the bottom of this page, to donate to Masbia or by greeting your own loved ones with custom Rosh Hashanah cards, with proceeds going to feed the hungry!

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network is where the rubber meets the road in the fight against hunger. We serve hot, nutritious meals five nights a week to hungry men, women, and children at three locations in Brooklyn and Queens and also provide grocery packages every Thursday.

The High Holidays mark the beginning of the New Year in the Hebrew calendar and an opportune time for us to pledge to do more: to give more, to help more, and to feed more people. Masbia’s distribution of High Holiday food to the hungry has received significant media coverage, including a feature story by JewishNewsOne and CBS News.

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Top Chefs Take Soup Kitchen Challenge at UWS

Taking a cue from some of the most watched food shows on cable television with a benefit event that will feature both a live celebrity cooking competition as well as a buffet laden with the real life food challenges that are all in a day’s work for chefs at the group of free eateries that feed needy New Yorkers on a nightly basis.

The Masbia Soup Kitchen Network has been feeding the hungry for over ten years and since its opening in April, 2005 the kosher soup kitchen has expanded, now serving meals at three locations in Brooklyn and Queens and distributing one and a half million meals a year. Masbia relies heavily on the generosity of its benefactors and food donors which oftentimes requires the cooking staff to rely heavily on creativity and ingenuity.

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Like Abraham's Tent, Masbia embodies Jewish values of chessed

One of our favorite Bible passages is from Parshat Valeria. In the reading we learn about the virtues of kindness, or chessed, from Avraham and Sara. Avraham teaches us that helping others should be done with respect and dignity. This is evidenced by his running out to greet his guests despite having received his Bris Mila just three days prior. In addition the Midrash teaches us that Avraham's tent was open in all four directions, allowing him to see a guest coming from any direction. This serves as our inspiration for our service model and our logo.

Like Avraham and Sara we serve every one of our clients in a dignified manner, regardless of which direction, or from what life circumstances, they may come. Volunteers acting as waiters are present every evening in our restaurant-style locations. Individuals coming to Masbia will always find a warm welcoming atmosphere where they can rest their souls and fill their stomachs.

Avraham gave kindness freely and without judgment, and so does Masbia. Our logo represents how important Abraham's acceptance was in shaping how we choose to help people. Individuals that are hungry in New York know that Masbia doesn't have any requirements or restrictions on our services. Referrals, proof of income, or any paperwork for that matter are not required.

In order to keep the utmost dignity and respect for our clients, we rely on the generous support of you! Your support will allow us to keep our doors open to all that are in need, free of judgement.

Make a one-time gift today or join our Tent of Abraham Society.

About Masbia's Tent of Abraham Society:
Your reliable, monthly gifts will allow Masbia to better budget and plan our meals without worrying when money will be coming, while lowering administrative and fundraising costs. As we prepare for increases in need and higher cost of providing meals, we are inviting you to join Masbia's inaugural monthly giving campaign, the Tent of Abraham Society. Click HERE to learn more.

Masbia of Queens Set to Provide Millionth Meal in 2014
Kew Garden Hills Community Invited to Annual Queens Breakfast

Kew Garden Hills residents Tzipora and Aaron Laub are opening their home Sunday, June 15th, for a breakfast to benefit Masbia, one of the largest soup kitchens in Queens. The extended Laub family was instrumental in opening the Queens Masbia branch on Queens Boulevard in Rego Park, where over 100,000 people have been served hot meals, with another 80,000 individuals benefited from the weekly pantry program, since its opening in March of 2010.

By the end of 2014, Masbia of Queens will provide its 1 MILLIONTH meal to the men, women and children who live in the surrounding neighborhoods. Masbia is a kosher certified kitchen, but serves patrons of all denominations and ethnicities, and various celebrities and public officials have come to volunteer. Mainly relying on private donations, only 10% of its funds come from the government.

“Since we opened in Queens, the Laub family has had a strong commitment to Masbia,” said Alexander Rapaport, Executive Director of Masbia. “They opened up their home for Masbia functions, and have rushed to our aid in times of financial crises when we were struggling to keep up with the demand for food. The Laubs not only offer Masbia their own support, but bring together all their friends and neighbors to get involved as well. We feel so grateful to the entire Laub family for their support.”

Last year, the Queens Breakfast helped to raise over $60,000 for the organization. Among last year’s guests were many local Rabbis, community leaders and government officials such as Congresswoman Grace Meng, State Senator Joseph Abado, Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and City Council Member Rory Lancman.

For more information about this year’s Queens Breakfast, or to become a sponsor, please contact Beau G. Heyen, Chief Development Officer, at 718-972-4446 x202 or via email.

Annual Charoset Drive Breaks Records
200,000 kosher-for-Passover meals in one day

Passover has come and gone, and thanks to the amazing support of hundreds of volunteers and donors, over 11,000 men, women and children had food for the seder table.

Expanding this year’s Charoset Drive, individuals and families were able to call a special toll-free number to register for a kosher-for-Passover emergency food packages. Adding an additional distribution site at Lincoln Square Synagogue in Manhattan also allowed for easier access to those in need in Manhattan and the Bronx.

Created as a way to help “sweeten” Passover for those in need, the now annual Charoset Drive started with apple, nuts and grape juice, but ended including much more. Each package contained hundreds of dollars worth of Passover food, and varied based on family size.

These packages were made possible by the support of our donors and hundreds of volunteers. A special thanks to our partners: Lincoln Square Synagogue, Boro Park Jewish Community Council, Ohr Natan, Orthodox Union, Pomegranate, New York Apple Association, New York Apple Sales, Midwood Development Corporation and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. As always, additional support was provided by The Henry and Susie Orenstein Emergency Food Kitchen Network, UJA Federation of New York, Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, City Harvest and Food Bank For New York City.

Masbia serves 20,000 meals to Hurricane Sandy Victims

We at Masbia, a network of three soup kitchens in New York City, were forced to make the unpleasant decision to close the doors in the face of Hurricane Sandy, expecting to reopen the Wednesday after the storm. That plan had to change quickly in response to Councilman Brad Lander`s urgent plea Tuesday morning.

Masbia`s help was requested in feeding hundreds of seniors that had been evacuated to the Park Slope Armory. Many of the evacuees were on restrictive diets and the high-sodium, army-grade food rations available were a serious health concern. Masbia immediately began preparing healthy, fresh comfort food.

An entourage of seniors in wheelchairs and stretchers arrived at the Armory and were greeted by smiling volunteers who had prepared hundreds of meals, but that was just the start. IN the days following Sandy, Masbia continued to provide hot, nutritious meals throughout New York City. Working with our partners and other other emergency food providers, Masbia was able to provide 20,000 meals in two weeks.

Although Sandy was some time ago, we are still grateful for all of the support from our volunteers, donors and the general community. As we move forward into a new day, Masbia continues to see a growing need in our community. A need that we are tackling every day.


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